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The Unsolved Collisions with Nessie

The iconic image of the Loch Ness Monster

Two incidents have recently come to light in an article by Scotland Now’s Noel Young. The article looks at two collisions that provide hard evidence that Nessie could exist.

The most compelling includes a retired truck driver, Stanley Roberts, whose holiday cruiser suffered propshaft and propeller damage in a 1978 incident. Boatyard workers “found flesh and black skin an inch thick along the propshaft,” said Roberts. The workers threw away the flesh after removing it, much to Roberts’ dismay.

A second crash involved a Royal Navy patrol boat in 1943. Lieutenant Commander Francis Russell Flint was in charge of a boat traveling from Leith to Swansea with 20 on board. After a large jolt, a large animal disappeared before them in a flurry of water. Flint was reprimanded for reporting the collision with Nessie over airwaves.

To read more about these extraordinary occurrences, visit “Loch Ness Monster: The unsolved mysteries of collisions with Nessie on the Loch” at Scotland Now.

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