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Chilean Farmer Latest Victim of Famed Chupacabra

Goat farmer Javier Prohens was having a pleasant lunch when one of his farmhands, Bricio Saldivar, delivered disturbing news.

Two strange animal bodies were discovered on the outskirts of Monte Patria in east central Chile. While originally thought to be bats, observers realized the heads were much too big for bats, and made the assertion that it could only be the famed chupacabra.

Chupacabra from Chile - Photo courtesy of the Inquisitr

Chupacabra from Chile – Photo courtesy of the Inquisitr

Like any chupacabra sighting or report, the corpses were instantly discredited as chupacabras and began to be named as mummified versions of other animals. The paws, tail and foot-long size of the corpse have many observers suggesting feline. It’s also known that cats are frequently found in wine cellars, where these corpses were discovered.

These chupacabras would also be the first on record being found indoors. Other sightings and discoveries have occurred outdoors.

For pictures and videos on this incredible story, we suggest you visit:

Discovery News: “Chilean Farmer Finds ‘Chupacabra’; Probably Cat Mummy”

Inquisitr: “Farmer Convinced He Has Discovered the Mortal Remains of Two Mythical Vampire-like Creatures”

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