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Giant Jackrabbits Taking Over Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota is typically thought of in terms of the Academy Award Winning dark comedy crime by the Coen Brothers. Giant Jackrabbits may make that change. Huge jackrabbits have been invading the city, even putting the city on Good Morning America on February 2nd. So far, the rabbits have not been harmful - but they are devouring shrubs and foliage in the area. Atomic sized bunnies also tend to leave atomic-sized messes. Others have mentioned that the large jackrabbits remind them...
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Bigfoot Spotted in Yellowstone National Park

A December YouTube post is garnering a lot of attention for potentially showing up to four Bigfoot creatures in Yellowstone National Park. Mary Greeley originally intended to post a video of buffalo or bison moving near a geyser. If this is Bigfoot, he may need to see a chiropractor or a masseuse. He is moving very rigidly, and definitely not in a manner where he could escape from being seen by Mary’s eagle-eyed camera lens. For more information, or to watch the video...
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The Unsolved Collisions with Nessie

Two incidents have recently come to light in an article by Scotland Now’s Noel Young. The article looks at two collisions that provide hard evidence that Nessie could exist. The most compelling includes a retired truck driver, Stanley Roberts, whose holiday cruiser suffered propshaft and propeller damage in a 1978 incident. Boatyard workers “found flesh and black skin an inch thick along the propshaft,” said Roberts. The workers threw away the flesh after removing it, much to Roberts’ dismay. A second crash involved a Royal...
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Chilean Farmer Latest Victim of Famed Chupacabra

Goat farmer Javier Prohens was having a pleasant lunch when one of his farmhands, Bricio Saldivar, delivered disturbing news. Two strange animal bodies were discovered on the outskirts of Monte Patria in east central Chile. While originally thought to be bats, observers realized the heads were much too big for bats, and made the assertion that it could only be the famed chupacabra. Like any chupacabra sighting or report, the corpses were instantly discredited as chupacabras and began to be named...
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Johnny Depp doesn’t fear the Chupacabra

After missing a news conference, Johnny Depp came up with a very unlikely alibi. "I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called 'chupacabra.' I fought with it for hours. They're very persistent, very mean. And I'm pretty sure it came into my suitcase. I threw him off the 23rd floor. So we'll never see him again. Thank you for understanding," he told reporters. The fib drew laughter from reporters that were kept waiting for an...
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New Footage Reveals Russian Yeti

This footage from Russia might be the most compelling bigfoot documentation yet. A yeti moves swiftly among the trees, leaving behind huge footprints. All of the action it is caught on film by Russian adventurers. The sighting, in the remote Adygeya Republic, yielded scientific evidence, including footprints plastered for prosperity. For more information, read this full blog article from Yahoo! News Canada.  
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Prize-winning photo courtesy of Google Earth/Bjarne Sjostrand.

Loch Ness Monster Photo Wins Prize

Imagine not only finding the Loch Ness Monster - imagine getting paid for it. Swede Bjarne Sjöstrand was browsing Google Earth when he discovered a thin strip in the most famous lake in Scotland. He sent the image to a local newspaper in Inverness, which runs a competition for the best photo of the monster. The Google Earth screen capture was awarded 2,000 pounds, or just more than $3,000. Nessie experts aren’t convinced, and plan to research the Swede’s photo further. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/loch-ness-monster-photograph-google-earth-wins-2000-prize-1483234
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Family of sasquatches crossing the road - courtesy of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Sasquatch captured by Arizona Dept. of Transportation Camera

Sasquatches or Bigfoots are jaywalkers. A photo from the Arizona Department of Transportation was posted to their Facebook page, and was later reported by newspapers such as the NY Daily News. The post went viral and created quite the debate. The photo supposedly shows a family of dark creatures wondering across a road. The photos, courtesy of the Arizona Department of Transportation and the NY Daily News, is available below. What do you think? Is it bigfoot? Leave your comments below! To read...
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Chupacabra Crop Circles in Texcoco - Property of the DailyMail.com

Could Chupacabras be responsible for Mexican crop circles?

According to the Daily Mail, crop circles spanning nearly 20 acres appeared on Christmas Eve outside of Texcoco, Mexico. Residents report seeing bright lights, and one woman even called the police regarding "aliens" in the crops. While some are quick to point toward alien lifeforms, others in the area are blaming the patterns on chupacabras roaming the fields. If proven true, it would make it one of the more bizarre chupacabra sightings on record. Take a look at the pictures below,...
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Couple Visited by Bigfoot for Holidays

According to the Christian County Headliner, and writer/Bigfoot researcher Sam Uptegrove, a Missouri couple encountered the paranormal over the holidays. The bigfoot encounter occurred at around 7 p.m. on Interstate 44 in Laclede County, Missouri. The husband was certain of the sighting, having had a brother that encountered a sasquatch in Oregon eight years prior. To read more regarding this sighting, I invite you to visit this link: http://ccheadliner.com/opinion/a-bigfoot-sighting-over-holidays/article_44e10b58-905f-11e4-a469-fbcc0154bdff.html
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