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Chupamacabre is obsessed with everything cryptozoology. From chupacabras (one of our favorites) to the stories of ghost towns to other legends, Chupamacabre is on a mission to provide some of the most unique apparel, gifts, toys, books, and more that reflect our fans’ crypto-interests.

Make Chupamacabre.com your home for the unique and the macabre. Every week, our team works to create and design new items for you or for that special someone you know that keeps talking about seeing Bigfoot.


Recent Crypto-News

The Jersey Devil comes out…just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Dave Black captured this photo of the infamous Jersey Devil near Galloway Township, New Jersey. Residents of Southern New Jersey have been terrorized by the Jersey Devil since the first account in 1909. Apparently the Jersey Devil is taking up golf, as he was spotted on a golf course by Black. "I was just driving past the golf course in Galloway on Route 9 and had to shake my head a few times when I thought I saw a llama," Black...
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West Coast Chupacabra Fans!

We love this great photo from our West Coast chupacabra fans, wearing the Chupamacabre Legend Shirt and the Chupacabra Hunting Club Tee. Awesome photo guys!
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Crypto-news Week of June 22-29, 2015

Here's all the crypto-news and links for the week of June 22-29: The crew of "Finding Bigfoot" went on the search for the Blue Man of the Ozarks. Spoiler: The Blue Man isn't really blue. Someone posted a "Real Proof" documentary regarding our favorite crypto-character, the Chupacabra on YouTube. Was there a chupacabra sighting near San Ramon, California? The San Jose Mercury News thinks so. Cool Chupacabra art on Behance from Luke Kenyon. Has Bigfoot been seen near Table Rock Lake in Missouri?
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Creative UK Student Scares Residents with Bigfoot Project

A creative 12-year-old is getting credit for making a great film about the mythical legend of Bigfoot and for scaring residents that happened upon her props. Dog walkers called the police after finding animal body parts and bones in the woods. The props were donated by a local butcher. To read the full story, visit the Western Gazette's article on the chaos that ensued.
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